Human Geography

Human Geography department dates back to 1923 when it was established as Socio-Economic and Political Geography Academic Department by professor Giorgi Gechtman. In 1960s the department focused on studying the neighbouring Near East countries and from 1970s it starts Social Geography research and teaching. Since Georgian Independence, the department widened its networks and engaged in scientific work/research with the colleagues from the UK, US, Poland, Israel, Russia, Hungary and many more. Since 2000 the unit  was transformed to “Human Geography Department” and joined the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences in 2005. 

The department offers BA, 2 MA and PhD Programmes. The programmes include in-class teaching/learning process, as well as fieldwork and study trips. Students are actively encouraged and given help to do internships in relevant organisations. The department offers wide range of courses in Geography of Post-Soviet Space, Middle East Geography, Population Geography, Demography, Cartography, Geoinformation Systems, Migration Studies, South Caucasus: Space, Society, Development, World Cities: Geographical urbanism, tourism and economic geography, Geopolitics and Ethnopolitical Conflicts Geography, etc. 

The Human Geography department significantly contributes to strengthening the human capacity of Georgian diplomatic and public service.