1.    Laboratory of Human and Animal Physiology
2.    Laboratory of Apparatus and Technical Assurance
3.    Atomic Physics Laboratory
4.    Laboratory of Biodiversity
5.    Chemistry Laboratory of Bio-Organic Compounds
6.    Laboratory of Bio-Physics
7.    Laboratory of Nuclear Physics
8.    Laboratory of Applied Logic and Programming
9.    Laboratory of Electro-Dynamics and Radio-Technology
10.    Laboratory of Genetics
11.    Laboratory of Geo-Physics and  Ionosphere Physics
12.    Laboratory of Elementary Particle Physics
13.    Laboratory of Model Analysis of Experimental Information
14.    Laboratory of General Physics
15.    Laboratory of General and Inorganic Physics
16.    Laboratory of Immunology and Micro-Biology
17.    Laboratory of Condensed Matter Physics
18.    Mathematics Laboratory
19.    Laboratory of Mathematical Modeling and Computational Mathematics
20.    Laboratory of Macromolecular Chemistry
21.    Martkopi Laboratory
22.    Laboratory of Metal-Organic and Applied Chemistry
23.    Laboratory of Morphology
24.    Laboratory of Soil Geography and Soil Science
25.    Laboratory of Organic Chemistry
26.    Laboratory of Petrochemistry
27.    Software Laboratory
28.    Laboratory for the Issues Related to Mathematical Problem Analysis of the Mechanics of Continuous Environment
29.    Laboratory of Physical and Analytical Chemistry
30.    Laboratory of Physical-Chemical Biology
31.    Jandara Laboratory
32.    Hydrometeorology Laboratory
33.    Laboratory of Hydromechanics and Oceanology