Education Hub

Education hub provides the best consultancy and education guidance for study abroad but it is an initiative where we want to keep customer’s expectation over and above everything.
We understand that student’s CAREER is full of questions and they need to do lot of research and take references and reviews about it. At Education hub we believe thatEducation makes a door to bright future.

Our services :
We provide services to students and parents by helping them selecting the right institution and with the documentation needed to apply for admission and visa process just to avoid any hassle during the process. 
Education hub guides you regarding the education system in abroad.
Education hub provides awareness about the rules and regulations before applying to any foreign institute and help you with the application requirements and invitation letter. 
Education hub evaluates your academic documents to make sure that they are as per the norms specified by the University where you have applied.
Education hub makes sure that you are been provided with the best institute or University as per your choice and within your budget.
Legal procedures are been fulfilled by the Education Consultancy, like attestation, legalization and translation by the required authorities.
Education hub also provides best advice and support for education loans from Banks according to your needs. 
Education hub also helps in all the arrangements right from the departure of the students till they reach to the University. They help all the students who have recruited with us in a group and prepare accordingly.
Education hub guides you with the airport embarkation and immigration clearance formalities.
Education has associates who would receive you at the destination Airport and they will also escort you till the academy.
Education hub´s Team helps you with the accommodation and its registration. 
Education hub´s Team helps you in final documentation in the University.
You get complimentary SIM card of the country courtesy by Education hub to help staying in touch with the family in India and communicate.
Our associates help you in obtaining Certificate of Equivalency, Visa Extension, Library Membership Card etc.
Education hub provides assistance for whole of the study period by coordinating with the University (if required)

For more details contact:
Contact number:
+91 7600249137 
+91 8200140703
                          RAJASHTHAN, DELHI, MUMBAI.

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