European Centre For International Education

About Us

One of the Leading and well known education consultancy with vast experience nearly a decade old that is known throughout India, Middle East and Europe.
Our main aim is to provide exceptional Students career counseling and appropriate guidance to students who are interested in pursuing their higher education abroad for medicine and other various Career Oriented Programs.

Why Georgia 

  Georgia is an amazing cluster of culture, religions, fascinating landscapes and ancient history. Georgia is a country where everyone can find something to his liking – from snowy peaks to subtropical shores, from desert to lush forest, from cities to enchanting villages. It is a beautiful country located at the intersection of Europe and Asia.
It is also one of the safest and crime free country.

About The Education Hub

- Excellent education system with global manifestation.
-European standard of education. ( ECTS - European Credit Transfer System )
-Recognized globally ( WHO and MCI approved)
-Affordable expenditure ( Low cost education and living expenses)


We provide a transparent and proficient administration system to our customers and to create opportunities for the people by keeping in mind that doing as such make a great environment for our team to develop both personally and professionally.

At ECIE, we ensure that the truth is uphold at all cost.

-Ensures comfort of students
-Fast admission process
- Life time support for students
-Works with the top ranked institutions.
-Authorized to enroll students from all over India and Middle East
-Good relations with Embassy of Georgia in India

                           We provide trusted and quality services

For more information:

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