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Until today the balanced and complete nutrition of poultry and livestock in Georgia has been largely ignored. Researchers from the Laboratory of Chemistry Studies at P. Melikishvili Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry createdbio-coordinated compounds of bio-metals and organic substances and their compositions with natural zeolites, which can assure inexpensive, ecologically safe, zero waste, antibacterial and antiseptic additives for animals. Under the supervision of Dr. Spartak Urotadze, Head of the Laboratory of Chemistry Studies, and Doctor of Chemistry, a team of scientists carried out research on“Bio-metals and natural zeolites containing premixes for the new generation” between 20011 and 2014, supported by the Science and Technology Centre in Ukraine (STCU).

A key condition for the healthy development of poultry and livestock is the provision of daily feed rations that are rich in effective and balanced additives. These must befirst and foremost bio metals and organic substances (amino acids, oxy-acids, etc.). Essential basic salts of bio metals (sulphates, chlorides, carbonates, iodides, etc.) and organic compounds may be added separately or simultaneously in the form of mixtures. Certain natural zeolites are also successfully used as food additives (clinoptilolite, laumontite, etc.), which havea prolongation effect. Bio metals work in living organisms not in the form of basic salts but as bio-coordinated compounds. Therefore, while consuming metal compounds in the form of bio-coordinated compounds, their biological activity increases significantly.


Experiments conducted by the team of researchers showed very positive results with livestock, including a decline in disease and falling, weight gain and meat quality. These results confirmed that deficiencies of bio metals in feed premixes should be used in the form of coordinated compounds rather than basic salts.

To meet the project objectives, the researchers produced two outputs:

They created a coordinated compound synthesis of bio-metals and organic substances (amino acids, oxy-acids, etc.). Optimal compositions were made with synthesized compounds and natural zeolites (clinoptilolite, laumontite,);

They generated scientifically proven recipes for low-cost, environmentally safe, non-waste additives witheffective doses and the optimal composition containing indispensable bio-metals, organic substances and zeolites.

Using these recipes produced an extended and gradual absorption of nutrients; maximal decline in falling down, higher weight gain by 1-15%, improved quality of meat, physiological and biochemical indices maintained within acceptable limits; prevention of various diseases; and feed costs reduced due to increased conversion efficiency from ingested food; food costs were reduced by using natural zeolites;

The researchers drew up recommendations for using these compounds in poultry and livestock nutrition. The compositions were tested on poultry (laying hens and broiler chickens) and on rabbits.