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A scientific conference “Ivane Javakhishvili and Democratic Republic of Georgia”

A scientific conference “Ivane Javakhishvili and Democratic Republic of Georgia” was held at Ivane Javakhishvili House Museum in the village of Khovle of Kaspi district on May 23. The conference was organized by the TSU Faculty of Social and Political Sciences upon the initiative of the Department of Political Science.  

Professors and PhD students from TSU, museum staff, head of the Kaspi Municipality Museum Union and school pupils from the public school of Khovle attended the conference. 

“The period of Democratic Republic of Georgia was one of the most fruitful periods for Ivane Javakhishvili’s activities. He was involved in both scientific research and practical activities; he also focused on the issues of state-building. From this point of view, Ivane Javakhishvili’s contribution is actually unstudied that is quite clear; during the Soviet period, his personality was completely ignored. During the post-Soviet period it is already possible to thoroughly study his activities,” TSU Professor Malkhaz Matsaberidze said.  

Participants of the conference presented papers on various aspects of Ivane Javakhishvili’s activities. 

“Ivane Javakhishvili was one of those persons, who played a huge role in the establishment of the Georgian university. In addition, 25th anniversary of Georgia’s independence is approaching and the university is hosting various events. This conference is just a part of these events. I also want to focus on the problems persisting at the museum. I think, it will be better if relevant agencies show more interest and pay more attention to the museum,” Doctor of Political Sciences, Lado Napetvaridze said. 

A presentation of the brochure “Two Lectures by Ivane Javakhishvili about Georgia’s Southern Border (December 18 and 22, 1918)” was also held at the conference.