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TSU Graduation 2020

A solemn graduation event for BA and MA students held in the yard of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) on August 1 ended with a balloon release. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the main part of the event was held in an online format. 

As part of the online event, TSU graduates put on virtual gowns. Rector of Tbilisi State University, George Sharvashidze, members of the Academic Council, faculty deans, public figures and successful TSU alumni congratulated students on graduation. Upon the completion of the event, TSU graduates downloaded virtual diplomas from a website and shared them on their own social platforms. 

“It is an example of how one can achieve any goal in case of solidarity and teamwork,” Rector George Sharvashidze said during the online event and thanked all students and academics for learning and teaching in the new reality amid the pandemic. “This university was established 102 years ago based on the principles of solidarity, openness, democracy; it was established as an island of democracy. It is the path chosen by the university and pursued by all of us. Today, a new stage of your independent life begins. Let me call on you again – follow us and stay with TSU at any stage of your life. Always remember that the door of you Alma Mater remains open,” Rector Sharvashidze addressed the graduates. 

“I would like to thank TSU for making these days memorable despite the restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic. I am glad that TSU was a pioneer in organizing such event in Georgia. I wish all graduates success,” MA graduate Mariam Tatishvili said. Aleko Samadashvili, BA graduate, noted that “this semester was different for everyone, because everybody had to move to online courses. It was a challenge for students and professors, but we managed to tackle it through joint efforts.” 

The solemn ceremony involved various interesting events: real photo zones were arranged at 1st and 10th (Maglivi) Buildings of TSU, where students could take memorable photos. Nino Surguladze, a famous Georgian mezzo-soprano, performed the national anthem. Keti Melua, UK-based Georgian singer congratulated TSU students on graduation via her video address. TSU awarded memorable gifts to all successful BA and MA graduates.   

Over 22,000 students are studying at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. About 3,500 students graduated this year. 

The first cohort of TSU students graduated in 1922. TSU already has a total of 300,000 graduates.

5712 entrants will be enrolled on about 240 educational programs at TSU during the 2020-2021 academic year (by 400 entrants more compared to the previous academic year). 10 foreign-language programs will be added to current 24 foreign-language programs in the near future. 


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