Since the 1920s, amateur art activities have occupied a special place in the student life of the university.  At different times there existed - a Student Theatre; chamber, brass, and symphony orchestras; folklore and pop groups..
It must be noted that the origins of Georgian mountaineering are connected with the university. In 1923, on the initiative of a noted scientist, metallurgist, and mathematician Giorgi Nikoladze, the first mountain trip was organized. On August 28, eighteen young amateurs, two groups of university students and teachers led by Professors- G. Nikoladze and A. Didebulidze, performed an ascent of Mkinvartsveri (Kazbegi, Georgia). This event was followed by another expedition on 12 August 1925 when Georgian group headed by G. Nikoladze conquered Mount Elbrus (Caucasus). This is how culture of sports was established at the university. Later it achieved tremendous success.