Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Center

Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Center was established in Tbilisi State University in December. It was created based on recommendations of the Innovation and Technology Agency of Georgia (GITA) and was created with the support of Governmental grant. The Center unites two main functions 1) Knowledge Transfer Activities, such as having a unified university approach on commercializing IP and 2) Improving entrepreneurial ecosystem in the university through improving supporting facilities and establishing StartUp processes, such as Pre-accelerator and Incubator. The Center has already won the British Council grant Creative Spark with Essex University (UK) and Tbilisi Conservatorium. The Center unites 3 staff and Fabrication Laboratory. During 2019, the center aims to improve its human capacity and attract more grants to reach its objectives.

Vision of the Center
Interest as many people as possible with innovative activities in science and technology field and help their work, communicate TSU research to the society.

Strategic goals:
1.Continues stimulation of innovative ideas and popularization of science
1.Developing mechanisms for stimulation of ideas with reactive methods;
2.Developing mechanisms for stimulating ideas with proactive methods;
3.Developing mechanisms for popularization of science.

2.Finding and developing mechanisms and methods in TSU
1.Identify resources available in TSU;
2.Study and evaluate identified resources available in TSU;
3.Development of access mechanisms on existing and available resources in TSU.

1.Developing supporting mechanisms for implementing innovative ideas
1.Identify the resources needed for the implementation of the ideas and plan future works.
2.Ensure mobilization of resources for implementation of ideas;
3.Effective use of mobilized resources and supporting the implementation of planned works.

2.Continues improvement of the quality of services
1.Development of new services and service quality in TSU;
2.Development and improvement of existing and available services is TSU;
3.Implementation of developing projects.

3. Develop and improve commercialization mechanisms in TSU
1.Assessment of ideas; Revealing their potential; Selecting;
2.Identification and operation of commercialization channels;
3.Supporting the commercialization process.

Industrial laboratory
Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab) - This is a completely innovative institution in Georgian reality. Its purpose is to promote innovative business ideas and projects in the country.

The Industrial Laboratory, which was opened with the support of Tbilisi City Hall, allows TSU students and all interested citizens to formulate and implement their own business ideas, create prototypes of desired products and take the first steps to start their own Start-Up business.

FabLab TSU -  FabLab TSU offers students a unique service that includes consultations with business analysts, meetings with potential investors, working with graphic and special technical personnel.

At the FabLab TSU students have the opportunity to present or draw the desired product drawings on the site; Then the product prototypes can be created free of charge using high-tech and modern equipment.

Equipments and devices in FabLab TSU:
•Epilog Fusion - laser equipment
•3D scanner
•3 dimensional proponents: uPrint 3D
•UV Printer A3 solid, flat surface with ultraviolet light printing/laminating
•Model 150A formation unit
•3 dimensional printer: Dual Extruder
•CNC machine

Contact Information:
Address:11 University St, Tbilisi, TSU Library.
Contact Person: Nikoloz Melkadze
Phone: 591155300; 599624647.
Facebook Page:
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