Thematic Group on Quality Assurance Holds Inaugural Meeting

The inaugural working meeting of the Thematic Group on Quality Assurance of higher educational institutions was held at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University on December 19. Representatives of 32 state and private (including regional) higher educational institutions participated in the meeting. The format and principles of the thematic group’s activities were discussed at the meeting.

The Thematic Group on Quality Assurance was founded on December 6, 2019 during the second session of the Permanent Conference of Rectors. Its purpose is to promote the development of culture of quality at higher educational institutions through sharing accumulated experience and best practices, discussing the challenges and creating professional development opportunities. The Thematic Group on Quality Assurance will be the platform for discussing quality assurance issues and will deepen the collaboration between higher educational institutions. In addition, the group will cooperate with external interested parties at national and international levels.

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