TSU Hosts Book and Film Presentation Dedicated to 135th Anniversary of Ivane Beritashvili

An event dedicated to the 135th anniversary of Ivane Beritashvili, a prominent scientist, world-renowned physiologist, was held at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) on February 6. 
As part of the event, a presentation of the book “Ivane Beritashvili – One More Experiment/Unknown Stories about the Renowned Scientist” (authors: Nino Kakulia, Merab Tsagareli) dedicated to Beritashvili’s anniversary was held and the film dedicated to Ivane Beritashvili – “Episodes from Ivane Beritashvili’s Life” (authors: Archil Shubashvili, Besik Gaprindashvili; narrator – Merab Kokochashvili) was screened. 
“Ivane Beritashvili is one of the important figures of the last century. He managed to break the frames under conditions of an iron curtain and to become famous for the world science. Existence of such biographical works is important for the present generation. His works laid the foundation to the development of neurophysiology in Georgia,” Vice Rector of TSU, Nino Okribelashvili said. 
Nino Kakulia, co-author of the book and editor of newspaper Tbilisi University, said that readers will discover new details about Ivane Beritashvili’s life. “We tried to create the book that would be written in a popular language and would be clear to any interested person. Along with the stories describing Beritashvili’s scientific activities, the book also includes the memories by his grandson and details of Ivane Beritashvili’s relations with his family.” 
Genadi Margvelashvili, chairman of the Parliament’s Education, Science and Culture Committee, said that “it is important that the society and especially the youth have precise knowledge about the life of great scientists. The beginning of the 20th century was marked by explosion of talents in all directions. We had great scientists in various fields and Ivane Beritashvili is a clear example of it.” 
“Each new book about the scientists of this level contains certain novelties. Beritashvili was titled the Patriarch of Physiology already in his life. It is a very important unofficial and honorary title. His works are still very important today,” President of Ivane Beritashvili Society of Georgian Physiologists, Guram Bekaia noted. 
Representatives of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences, Ivane Beritashvili Society of Georgian Physiologists, Ivane Beritashvili’s grandson, Davit Beritashvili, TSU professors and students attended the event.


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