Meeting with Young People from Shida Kartli Region

Young people living in Shida Kartli region – Ossetians and Georgian-Ossetian family representatives – visited Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) on May 17. Naira Bepieva, head of the TSU Scientific Research Center for Georgian-Ossetian Relations, delivered a public lecture “Georgian-Ossetian Relations: History and Modernity” aimed at raising civic awareness among the youth.

“It is good that the today’s meeting presents just this region, where the issue of Ossetian-Georgian relations is especially sensitive. The narrative that just young people are attending the lecture today is very important for future relations of our nation and our people,” Naira Bepieva said.

The meeting with young people was held upon initiative of the Center for Georgian-Ossetian Relations and Gori-based Society Biliki.

“Georgians and Ossetians still live as one community in Shida Kartli; they follow old traditions, create Georgian-Ossetian families and we are proud of it. The today’s lecture provided the youth with interesting and necessary information from those people, who are familiar with Georgian-Ossetian relations and traditions,” Head of Society Biliki, Lia Gorelishvili noted.

The Center for Georgian-Ossetian Relations was established to deepen centuries-old relations between Georgians and Ossetians.

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